We improve the efficiency of standard flat solar panels
 by recapturing light wasted on the dead spaces. 


Strider Solar Inc. was founded with the aim of making use of as much of the sunlight illuminating a solar panel as possible. A typical solar panel has many regions on the front side that are not utilized for producing energy, and are considered dead spaces. These spaces are visibly noticeable as "white" regions on a standard solar panel, and included empty spaces between individual cells, as well as the thick electrodes on the front surface. Any sunlight hitting these regions is not absorbed in the cells, and therefore does not contribute to the photovoltaic production of power.

We offer a cost-efficient solution to this problem, that can be easily implemented onto existing solar panel technologies. Our (patent pending) technology increases the efficiency of the panels by a few percent, in a simple and straightforward manner.

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 Increase the efficiency of any existing solar panel design 


Any technology in the solar industry today must be scalable to dropping panel manufacturing costs. We offer a product that can increase the efficiency of an existing panel design by a few percent (3-4% relative), at a cost that is lower than the associated gain — even at $0.5/W.

Our technology is designed to be compatible with the majority of solar panels on the market today, which consists of front-contact silicon cells (multi-/poly-/mono-crystalline). Our solution is simple and cost-effective, solving most of the problem of unused area on solar panels using an easy-to-integrate method.

Our technology applies to both newly produced panels, as well as existing ones that have already been installed. For new panels, our product is easy to integrate onto an existing manufacturing line, and requires no switching costs.

Every photon from the sun should be utilized to the fullest if we are to reduce the carbon footprint of solar energy production, as well as reduce the pollution created by non-renewable energy sources

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 A simple and cost-effective solution to the
 problem of unused area on solar panels 


Strider Solar Inc.was founded in 2012 in the Silicon Valley in California, and is registered as a C Corporation in Delaware.

Our management team and advisory board consists of experts in photovoltaics. Please contact us for more information.

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 Compatible with the majority of solar panels on the market today 


Strider Solar Inc. was founded in 2012 as a C Corporation registered in Delaware and operating in California. Our management team and advisory board consists of experts in photovoltaics.

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